Average rating - 7,4 of 10 stars / runtime - 1 Hours, 30 Minute / Countries - Canada / / genre - Romance, Comedy / Directed by - Paul Ziller. This is a Hallmark film so everybody"s smiling and happy here XD. Just before this one I"d tried to watch another Hallmark Christmas film and I switched it off after 15 minutes and rated it 1/10. So why this one 6/10? Well, because in the end it was OK to watch, even though there were some really unrealistic and naive things. Somehow they pulled it off, I don"t really know how. And I loved that the protagonists, who were very charming, treated each other with respect (even though they were rivals) they weren"t hysterical, judgemental or plain stupid. It was like a gulp of fresh air.

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